to preserve, protect, and enhance the scenic beauty of virginia

Continuing in 2013

We certainly had a banner year in 2012, but we’ve got much more in store for 2013.  Look forward to these actions from Scenic Virginia in the coming year:

  • Continuing our Virginia Vistas Photo Contest:  Nothing symbolizes the majesty of our Commonwealth like images from around the State.  With several categories spanning farmland, to nature, to some of our historic city and town views, the contest is open to professionals and amateurs alike.  Click Here for more details about the 2013 Contest.
  • Virginia Viewshed Register:  Leading this project are Trustees Barry Starke and Dick Gibbons.  Also known as Areas of Outstanding Scenic Beauty, this initiative will develop a Statewide inventory of the Commonwealth’s scenic beauty.  This program will be the first of its kind in the United States and is modeled after England’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • MillionTreesVirginia:  Set to launch next summer, this program will plant one million trees across the State, enhancing its natural beauty and creating wildlife habitat.