Scenic Virginia

Our Work: What We Do

We promote the conservation of Virginia’s incredible scenic assets through programs such as:

Developing a first-of-its-kind Virginia Viewshed Register to identify our most scenic areas and recognize them with an official scenic designation and creating a “Virginia ViewFinders” program and website to engage the public in identifying Virginia’s best-loved views and vistas.

Working as a member of the Route 5 Corridor Coalition to designate historic Route 5 as a National Scenic Byway and to promote sustainable development along the road with an economy based on agriculture and tourism.

Joining with the Save the James coalition to oppose a proposed, massive utility project over America’s Founding River®, the James. The transmission towers, some as tall as the Statue of Liberty, would forever mar the historic viewshed at our nation’s birthplace at Jamestown.

The View from Libby Hill Park in Richmond
The View from Libby Hill Park in Richmond

Working to preserve The View that Named Richmond at historic Libby Hill Park in our Capital City.

Partnering with the Thames Landscape Strategy, based in Richmond upon Thames, England, to present The Richmonds Medal, an international award honoring exceptional contributions to scenic preservation. Click here for more information on the 2018 Richmonds Medal Gala where Scenic Virginia honored noted actor and preservationist Robert Duvall.

Compiling a “Scenic Resources Toolkit,” a compendium of creative solutions and best practices to assist localities, planners, individuals, students, organizations, and others with the resources they need to preserve, protect, and enhanced valued scenic areas.

Working with VDOT to preserve historic bridges and to curtail unnecessary sign proliferation.