to preserve, protect, and enhance the scenic beauty of virginia

What We Do

We promote the conservation of Virginia’s scenic assets by undertaking and implementing programs like these:

  • Making the most of our highways and byways. We can do this by advocating flexible highway design, using landscaping, planting wildflowers, and fighting litter and illegal signs.  Responsible tree trimming and planting enhance the aesthetic of our roadsides.  Gateway corridors would invite visitors into our cities and towns.  Improving our Commonwealth’s roadside sign system would aid tourists while promoting local business, and need not impact our scenic vistas.  We support statewide campaigns that fight litter and illegal signs.  By embracing these objectives, we can support and promote the designation of our Commonwealth’s roadways as Virginia and National Scenic Byways.
  • Strengthen our community character. Appropriate planning and development will allow our communities to grow, while preserving historically and culturally significant sites.  We educate Virginia’s citizens about the scenic and economic benefits of tree planting and urban forestry.  We illustrate the benefits of improving the appearance of a community.  We assist and defend grassroots efforts of our citizens who are fighting for improved aesthetics.
  • Legislative advocacy. We monitor government activity at the municipal, state, and national level.  We then provide information and technical assistance to localities wanting to improve regulations governing signage and lighting, development, and road construction.  We are able to offer sample legislation, lobby the representatives of localities, and work in concert with other conservation groups toward a unified goal of a healthy and Scenic Virginia.